10 simple steps to ensure fitting your staircase goes without a hitch

10 simple steps to ensure fitting your staircase goes without a hitch

We understand that installing one of our staircases can seem like a difficult task, but with a little planning and preparation you will be surprised how easy they can be. 

Every staircase we supply is designed to be installed as easily as possible. We use mechanical fixings for almost every connection and we provide you with a detailed installation guide tailored to your staircase. Here’s just a few more points to remember when installing your staircase:

  1. Read through the installation guide fully before starting.
    It’s probably obvious advice, but this will highlight how the staircase should be set out (especially the trimmer plate) and a recommended process of installation. The guide will help you visualise each step of the installation before actually doing it. You may need to amend your process depending on your building requirements.
  2. Ensure the stairwell is prepped as it should be.
    This will ensure that the staircase fits accurately. If pre-defined requirements haven’t been met, then you may find the staircase won’t fit comfortably as you could be installing it too early. Refer back to earlier drawings for further details. 
  3. Make sure you have plenty of help when getting the steel work in place.
    Although the staircase is supplied in parts, some sections will still be heavy. It could require 3-4 guys to get parts into place. Think your lifting process through and give clear instructions to your team. 
  4. Ensure your trimmer plate is installed at the correct height and position.
    This is the first piece to install and if done incorrectly, it will have a knock-on effect down the line. 
  5. Use props to help hold strings at the correct height.
    It really helps to free up some hands. These can be set at the right height to ensure strings are in the correct position.
  6. Always check your levels.
    Rule 101 with any installation.
  7. Temporarily install some treads when setting out the width of the strings.
    This will help remove the flex in some of the strings (yes, even 10mm steel flexes) helping to install the remaining treads and allow you to fix strings into the correct position.
  8. Use spacer blocks to help set your glass/balustrade apart correctly.
    This will help keep air gaps between glass, parallel. You will really notice if it isn’t! 
  9. Check you have a sharp fine cutting chop saw blade when cutting handrails.
    This is key to getting clean joints, and will save you a lot of time afterwards. If you have a specialist stain, this is critical as you cannot sand back the joint afterwards. 
  10. Repair any scratches or chips with the touch up kit provided. 
    This could be done before, during or after installation. You might find the steel gets knocked a bit during installation and will have to do it afterwards anyway. Just make sure you mask appropriately when you spray.
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