Hillingdon Road

Hillingdon Road

Straight lines and varying tones of grey all contribute to the stylish nature of this architectural design. The overlapping balustrades create an ever changing dynamic visual as you navigate around the staircase, in contrast with the prominent zig zag string feature that is unobstructed and free of any balustrade connections. An incredible design fit for the most contemporary of homes.

40mm Oak - Grey Stain

40mm Oak (Sub-Riser) - Grey Stain

10mm Framed Smoked Glass

Powder Coat Colour
RAL 9005 Jet Black

40mm Oak - Grey Stain

Hand Rail
50x40mm L Section Oak - Grey Stain

Staircase Style

Pro-Build North West

“ Often concept ideas will sit in a sketchbook unused for a long time, waiting for the right client to realise the designers dreams. This was one of those moments, a design we had been wanting to create stashed away in a library of designs. The balustrade style is the perfect accompaniment to the Etch design as the steel frame mimics the angular form of the stringer. A unique design to MSC and we cannot wait to create more like it.”
Attention to Detail
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