Spotlight - Design features of the Flux style.

Spotlight - Design features of the Flux style.

Flux, our take on a central spine staircase, is one of our most popular designs. Whether that’s because it creates the illusion of a floating staircase, or because the central spine itself is such an interesting piece of architectural steel work. Regardless to say, we wanted to highlight some of the key features of this design which really makes it different from other similar designs on the market. 

The most defining element of this style is the central spine itself. This is fabricated entirely from scratch by laser cutting the side profile from sheet steel, avoiding the use of standard box section. This allows us to achieve a unique shape that has clean edges and is completely free of visible welds.

By creating our own steel section we have ultimate control over the design, allowing us to fabricate complex shapes with total accuracy. This is particularly helpful with staircases which require landings or winders as we can manipulate the dimensions with ease to allow for a seamless transition from one element into another. 

One feature that is consistent throughout this incredible design, is the angled uprights that support the treads. These sit perpendicular to the spine so as you ascend the staircase, the tread support disappears from view. This design is best complimented with extra thick hardwood treads, maintaining a minimal aesthetic comprising of the core staircase elements. 

As minimal as the design is, it is as equally simple to install. An essential fixing to the first floor is the only requirement for a straight flight and potential support from walls when turns are introduced. The perfect floating solution without the complexities of cantilevering from a wall.

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