Made In Staffordshire

Made In Staffordshire

It has always been an integral part of The Metal Staircase Co. ethos to supply staircases which have been designed and manufactured in Britain. We are proud to have a rich heritage of British designers and engineers, and feel that now more than ever is it important to continue that tradition. 

Not only is it important for sentimental reasons, but for our communities to prosper we must invest in ourselves. Almost every key component of our design and manufacture process is completed within the UK (the majority within a 50 mile radius).

All of our staircases are designed in house by our team of staircase designers, taking our clients brief and realising their ideas specific to their home. 

We share timber manufacturing facilities with our big sister, Stairbox, where we machine the treads, which are then joined by our team of expert carpenters. Its then over to our french polishing team, Neil & Ian for the finishing touches. 

All of the steel components are crafted at our off site fabrication facility in Stoke-on-Trent, by our team of coded welders. Once the steel is fully fabricated, prepped and a test-build complete, the components are taken up the road to the powder coaters. 

Supporting local business has always been a key criteria when building our supply chain, however quality of product is equally important. Throughout the past we have sampled various local businesses for raw timber and glass, however we struggled to find a supplier that could meet our quality control. We have now built a great relationship with a glass supplier 50 miles up the road with a service and quality we cannot fault. 

We source all of our timber direct from a saw mill in Italy. Nearly all of the timber we use is European, so we cut out the middleman and went straight to the source. The quality of the product is second to none, and because we have jumped to the top of the chain, we get a competitive price, which in turn is passed to you.

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